Why silicone doll is becoming popular


Why silicone dolls are becoming popular

Silicone doll is becoming popular due to their promotion of sexual health. When choosing between the dolls, price and fabric used are the main points of considerations. Any fabric used on a sex doll should be soft enough for human-like feeling but rigid enough to support pressures of sexual encounters. The silicone doll’ Silicone dolls

The polyesters that make silicone have some rubber –like feeling, which makes it suitable for sex dolls. The fabric is easily moldable to permanent shapes such as body organs. In addition, it tolerates high body temperatures and forces exerted on it during the sexual encounter. Silicone dolls are quite attractive due to the nature of the silicone fabric.

Why silicone dollsilicone doll

The main purpose for investing in a sex doll is for sexual satisfaction. From the first impression all the way to the sexual fulfillment, the dolls should trigger sexual emotions naturally. With a silicone doll, here are the benefits you will achieve:

Attractive dolls

Silicone material is smooth and quite attractive and this is the first step to any enjoyable sexual encounter. The developers have made all manner of sizes and shapes to include all individual needs.

Cleaning convenience

This has always been an issue with many sex dolls since most of the other dolls are permeable. Permeability reduces cleaning efficiency since the micro-holes are habitats for dirt, which will have adverse effects on the user with time.

Human-like touch

Sexual enjoyment will depend on how much the dolls will feel natural in terms of texture and responses. Silicone dolls have a soft and warm touch feeling, which makes them feel more of a human. This aspect increases sexual enjoyment and satisfaction.

No limitations

Most polyester products are likely to cause hyperactivity for the allergic, due to presence of allergens in the fabric. For silicone sex dolls, the fabric has reduced levels of these allergens that make it convenient for all individual who require adult sex dolls.




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How to care silicone doll


Keep doll away from sunlight. It is not advisable to expose the doll to sunlight most especially for a long period. The doll will quickly look old when often exposed to sunlight.

Wash hands before grabbing the doll. Our hands are often full of dirt and so grabbing our doll without first washing our hands is not a good idea. It is best to wash hands first to make sure they are clean.

Clean doll’s face with baking soda. According to some doll collectors, baking soda can help clean doll’s face and so it will help if sometimes we use baking soda along with water when cleaning doll’s face. However, never rub the baking soda directly to the face. Mix baking soda with water first.

Use good wire brush when brushing doll’s hair. Using another kind of brush is a bad idea.


How to care silicone doll


Never place doll near foods and drinks. Some foods and drinks can cause the stain to dolls.

Don’t keep your doll in a damp, wet environment. Keeping your doll in such kind of environment won’t bring forth any good result.

Never use the hair dryer or the like on your doll. Heat can damage your doll’s hair.

Don’t tumble dry your doll’s clothes. Aside from your doll, her clothes are also important. What is she going to wear if her clothes are all damaged? Dolls’ clothes are normally delicate and should not be tumbled dry.

So you own a silicon doll. Well, as the owner, extra effort is expected from you for your doll always to look best. As the owner, you must know how to take good care of your silicon doll so she will always be presentable. You must know the do’s and don’ts in regards to taking care of doll.

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