The high quality realistic silicone doll is designed well with a silicone material which has the smoothness and the texture that resembles human skin sculpted in a way that is so realistic and perfect. Each silicone doll has all the features that one would want to get from a partner. The realistic silicone dolls and getting pleasure from them feels so natural and less artificial. They have very authentic eyes, movable limbs and perfect details from the head to the toe which feels extremely real to touch. The silicone doll is very flexible meaning that one can place them in flexible positions which works best for them. There are very many advantages that come with getting these dolls. This article will cover the 3 benefits of silicone doll. They are Safe, 100% There are very many diseases that have come up these days which have made sex a very risky affair. This is the main reason as to why very many people are opting for silicone dolls. They give real pleasure just like your partner but then one does not have to worry about any diseases or infections as well as any cases of unplanned pregnancies. Affordable and Available The silicone dolls are relatively affordable and they are readily available in all stores that deal with these pleasure toys. One does not have to undergo very many expenses since all that is needed is to invest in the silicone doll and all is done, there are no other expenses that one is bound to spend after buying one. They Enhance an Individual’s Sexual Skills A silicone doll is very important for an individual who is bound to explore their sexuality with various positions and styles too. These silicon dolls can best help one explore various positions that their partners may not be very comfortable practicing.