Silicone doll were first made of tin-cure silicone but now these are made used platinum technology which increases their longevity as such dolls are less prone to tears and compression marks.

Apart from these silicone dolls, another type of doll known as TPE doll is also well known. TPE refers to Thermoplastic elastomer which is commonly used by Chinese manufacturers. Dolls made from this material are realistic and are also cheaper as compared to those of high quality expensive platinum cure silicone.

However, if we closely look at the demand then silicone dolls have a huge demand. Here’s why:

Silicone vs. TPE:

  1. a) Silicone:

– Widely used by most of the manufacturers

– Tried and tested material for sex dolls

– Same material used in body implants

– Hard and solid material

  1. b) TPE: (Thermoplastic Elastomer):-

– Cheaper as compared to silicone dolls

– Is elastic in nature

– Material has no odour

Most of the people prefer to go for TPE dolls as these are easily available at lower price while those who are in search for quality will definitely opt for Silicone dolls. Decide what is suitable to you and then visit any of the websites where these are available for sale.

You will find many websites having silicone doll for sale. Buy from the one that you feel trustworthy.